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I haven't been here for a while on account of being very busy producing and publishing Tarot decks. I now have eight to date: SINGING SERPENT TAROT; DECADENT DREAM TAROT; The KHAOAMUSICA Tarot (featuring four pieces by NC Dolly Band on the music CD); TAROT of SIDNEY SIME; TAROT of KAY NIELSEN; TAROT of HARRY CLARKE, TAROT o AUBREY BEARDSLEY and soon to be released, OGHAM MOON ORACLE. All of these can be seen on my new website dedicated to Tarot and Oracle, NAKTHAG TAROT STUDIO.

I now begin a new project to add to this list.  
The project, entitled NURSERY CRYMES The Oracle, consisting of a fully illustrated book with photographs and drawings, containing essays on shamanism, dolls in history and their magickal usages, short stories,  the process of creating,  a background to The Oracle  and how to use and more -plus a deck of Oracle cards. The cards I am working on now, along with monotone images of them for the book. The actual dolls I created some while ago and are already here on dA, of course, and little videos I made of them are posted on YouTube.  

This really is quite a large project, especially since, apart from the essays, I wish to write a short story for each of the twenty two dolls and also illustrate it in pencil and ink. The short inscriptions I have added to the cards will serve as the basis for each of these stories.

The cards can be seen here: nakthagtarotstudio

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April 14, 2016


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